5 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog

Posted by Ankit Dhama

At Treathunters we take fun very seriously. This is why we have listed down the best 5 fun games you can play with your dog. Your dog loves to have fun and play as much as you like. 

Playing activity is important for your dog’s health as you know. It is also a mental relief activity for you and your family too. 

Tug of war

The rules of this game are simple to give rope to your dog and start pulling. if a dog’s teeth will touch your hand while pulling the rope then you’ll lose. And letting your dog win will definitely be enthusiastic as this makes a dog feel much happier and builds up the confidence to take more participation.

Game of frisbee

If you want to catch your dog diving and doing some jumping. We recommend playing frisbee with them. Through the frisbee and let your dog do the rest of the show. You can record the fun on your camera. 

Digging treat box

Dogs love to dig in the ground and we can make it a fun activity. Take a box and put Treathunters treat in it. Hide the box in your backyard and let the dog find and dig that box of healthy treats from Treathunters. 

Bubbles are their favorite

We know everybody loves bubbles, so does your dog. Find a good quality toxic free shop, because the bubble burst near the eyes and nose. This game is a good activity also for dogs to jump high to burst the bubble. 


Playing with a stick that has a rope attached on its end

Take a long stick to which a rope is knotted, right at its end. The rope has a lure attached to it which excites a dog to run after it. Make sure you allow your dog to grab the lure and let him win as this will keep them engaged and the activity will be fun because of the increased involvement from both the ends.

Please, Comment your favorite games with our dog.