5 Dog Photography Tip of your superstar dog

Posted by Ankit Dhama

Dogs make some of the most stunning family photos, but, frankly, the same nuances that allow them to wiggle their way into our hearts also makes them difficult to photograph. Treathunters are here to help you with the top 5 tips of pet 

Treathunter treats and toys

Dogs can be trained to sit and stay make it easier to work with when he’s eager to listen for that treat. Use your treathunters treats and teach your dog to stay and calm for the next shot.

Sometimes, we have a better image when the dog is playing sports or playing with the toys. We can use the dog’s favorite toy to make dog active for the picture. 

Use Natural Light

The best part of dog photography is you don’t necessarily have to worry about flashes and complicated lighting setups when taking photos of dogs. The best option is to use natural, continuous light that won’t frighten them or cause red-eye in your images. This is why most beautiful dog pictures are taken outdoors in open sunlight.

Shoot from their level

To showcase the dog’s lifestyle we have to take images from their level. We mostly see the dog from our height level and we rarely see the world from their eye level. Take an image from their eye level and show how the whole will look to them. It will be amazing and attention taking a shot. 

Technical changes in-camera setting

Why it can be very difficult to capture photos of pets? The reason is you’ll need to use a camera that offers fast shutter speeds to freeze the action.

“Eyes are the window to the soul"

Without emotion, no image is attention-grabbing. It is hard to grab emotion from the dog with the face but you know “eyes are the window of the soul”. Make sure you make pets eyes a focal point of the image. It will be a bonus if the pet looks directly into the lens.