How to check for the right dog food in the market?

Posted by Agatha Denise

How to check for the right dog food in the market?

If dogs can speak they might ask for the right dog food. Dogs need the right amount of vitamins and nutrients to grow with the pace they grow.

Dogs grow at a faster speed as compared to human so we have to understand that their food needs are different. Every dog is unique, they may have an issue with some ingredients.

These are the following important factors to take care when choosing the right dog food.

Consider your dog’s age, activity, breed, and reproductive status.

As I have mentioned a dog’s age, Growth needs are an important factor while choosing dog food. The breed is also an important factor to consider while choosing dog food. Puppies and lactating mothers require more calories per day, while senior pets require fewer.

Similarly, highly active breeds require more calories than couch potato breeds–the type and amount of food fed correctly will help your dog avoid health issues as a result of obesity.

How to read the dog food label

The wording on the food label has its own meaning and it is important to understand the meaning. The key word “dinner” is another strong indicator; foods with labels like “Chicken Stew Dinner” and “Salmon Dinner for Dogs” only contain 25% of the protein. “Beef for Dogs,” or “Chicken Dog Food” indicates that the listed protein comprises 95% of the total product.

Tracking health changes after changing the dog food

The dog cannot speak about their requirement but their body and behavior can. We can notice the change in the digestion of the dog after tracking the bowel movement. Sometimes Dogs show their problems with the behavior.