Why does your dog's potty training is not working?

Posted by Agatha Denise

Is your dog is not responding to your command? If yes, then it is the not dog's fault, it is your training that is not working. You might be making these following errors in your training.

Is his spot is clean?

Does your dog use the same wrong spot for a bathroom? Odds are your dog might be getting pee smells from the old spot, Regardless of whether you think you've cleaned the region well. It's universal fact that a dog's ability of smell is multiple times superior to our, and they can get on the extra smell of urine even from the clean spot.

Young puppies have frequently potty urges!

Just because they pottied outside 5-10 minutes ago doesn’t mean they won’t do it inside as soon as you look the other way. Young puppies drink more water and it makes them pee a lot. There is no shortcut for this you have to take your dog out to the same spot every time.

Dog’s confusion with fun or potty!

The most widely recognized dog training issues is managing a dog which doesn't go to the bathroom outside.

When dogs get bigger there bowel cycle becomes longer. So, whenever you take your dog out they start playing or exploring because they can hold the pee for a long time.

To solve this issue increase the timing to pee for a big dog from 2 hours to 3-hour at a time.

I hope this blog post gives a clear idea of how important is to have a trained dog. What will be a better gift to your dog than healthy and better treats from Treathunters!