Why Dog owner always recommend Treathunters treats for dogs

Posted by Ankit Dhama

Treats are better for your dog if you have healthy and nutritious treats. Treathunters are both healthy and nutritious.


Settling on which type of treats to feed comes with acres of guilt. Often, owners feel they should be feeding raw, but their dog doesn’t do well on it. There is a healthy alternative for your dog out there. One where you don’t need the freezer space can keep a decent amount in the cupboard and, for the quality is really great value for money and I’m here to tell you about our very favourite wet food which falls into this category.




When asked which wet dog treats recommend. They’re the answer to what’s most important to dog owners: Quality, price, ingredients and palatability. Owners want to see a happy dog, of a good weight, with a shiny coat, good energy and bright eyes. They don’t want to see all their hard-earned money coming out of their dog’s bottom and the dog being unhealthy all the time.




We like Treathunters because they make healthy treats in Australia. People love their honesty and transparency, often lacking in other companies. Treathunters have been going for years now in a highly competitive marketplace.

Treathunters is clear about their ingredients. You can ask questions if need advice and that’s the real sign of a good company.