Hi There,

You may experience hardship in your business so we came up with some new ideas how you can generate more revenue. We have three type of offerings for this lockdown period: 

1 - The traditional Retail

We still have the traditional retail type of business where you sell in the shop and you have approximate 50% profit on your products.
What you need to do for this: Click on the link and buy our wholesale starter pack. This includes a range of dog treats and one 3kg bulk box.

2 – Online

We issue a discount code to you when you first purchase Wholesale pack. This will be uniwuer to you. If anyone buys with this discount code, you automatically have the revenue like a referral revenue this is about 10%. Just imagine you promote the discount code and profit share comes to you. In this case you can sell much more than what you can store in your shop.
What you need to do for this:
Purchase the wholesale product and let your costumers know about the discount code, how to use and what website do they need to buy the product.

3 – Fulfilment

As you have products in the shop and you or anyone sold the product online first we ask the discount code owner for fulfilment. This means from your shop you ship the product to the customers.
The Benefits:
You have access to your online/in shop customers, you know the details and you can send them coupons, offerings or just say hello and thanks them to supporting your business.
What you need to do for this:
Accept every fulfilment request in 3 hrs of the order been issued. So in email you will have a link where you need to click on. Once you accepted deliver the product to you customers in one day. And say hello to them 
If you still have question please reach us out on Facebook.